Hi – If you have arrived at this page whilst looking for CASHOTA, then sadly you are too late.

Whilst there had for a long time been a genuine wish and intention to re-launched CASHOTA as Chris, M0DOL, SK, had been planning, life, work, family and other commitment got in the way.

Whatever intentions we did have however, were overtaken by events when WCA and one or two UK amateurs decided to do their own thing and launch the English Castles Award behind our backs! They claim to have made multiple attempts at contact with us before doing so. I can assure everyone that no such contact was ever received.

We do however, in the spirit of Amateur Radio and what CASHOTA stood for, wish them the best with the ECA scheme, though we remain deeply saddened that what has been achieved since it’s start in 2021 by ECA, has not in any way honoured the memory of  Chris, M0DOL as we think it should have been. We would have been very happy to hand CASHOTA over to WCA & Co. to resurrect as ECA, had they actually bothered to ask us!